Moving commercial products around the world in bulky water vessels is a risky business. The involved companies and individuals should protect their merchandise to stay safe in the event of unforeseen accidents.

Whether you import by sea or air, A.M.S Insurance Brokers provides you with the best Marine Cargo covers available in the market for sufficient protection from when your goods leave the warehouse to their eventual destination.

Our marine insurance policies cover for numerous external causes such as damage to goods and physical loss. We also cover the following situations in Marine Insurance:

  • Expenses incurred after a loss, or to prevent further damages
  • Docking, warehousing and forwarding costs suffered from an insured peril.
  • Loss or damage to goods associated with industrial strikes, riots, war or civil commotion
  • Shortage and Non-delivery of goods
  • Theft and Hijacking
  • Damages or losses while loading and unloading

Marine Cargo Insurance Legal requirements

  1. Compliance with the Insurance Act Section 20, of procurement marine Insurance business locally from 1st Jan 2017
  2. KEN TRADE is the authorized Executing Agency through the Single Window system.
  3. All importers MUST register on the (Single Window System) Ken Trade Portal directly or through the help of clearing agents.
  4. Insured to submit a copy of the commercial invoice, copy of IDF and bill of lading to us for onward transmission to the insurers for the issuance of marine certificate. After issuance of the document, the Insurers upload it to the clearing agent / Kentrade for clearing of the cargo.

NB:  It is important to note that only Marine Cargo Insurance certificates, issued through Ken Trade Portal are Valid for Cargo clearance by KRA officials.

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